Horse Racing Betting Sites

Horse RacingNext to football, horse racing is one of the biggest sports in the betting world, with millions bet every day on races around the world. 

In this section we'll be covering a wide range of topics, from the best sites for live streaming races through to secret hand signals used by bookies at race tracks. We also have a map of all racecourses in the UK & Ireland, along with a detailed guide to each course.

Best Bookmakers For Betting On Horse Racing



Coral offer an incredibly easy to use horse racing section, with intuative navigation and a wide range of markets at excellent odds. Plus strong offers and live streaming.



Another strong showing from Bet365. They offer races from around the world, with excellent coverage of UK and Irish meetings. And they have the lowest minimum bet for live streaming (50p).



Betfred's purchase of the Tote has definitely strengthened their horse racing product, with parimutual betting and a very wide range of offers. Including boosts on winning Lucky 15/31/63's.

Sky Bet

Sky Bet

Sky offer some brilliant horse racing promotions including regular Price Promises and Best Odds Guaranteed. They even run money back if you lose on the first race big festivals.


Horse Racing Betting Offers

Anyone serious about betting on the horses is probably aware of the various offers which you can use to enhance your bet - from money back if your horse falls or loses by a narrow margin, through to best odds guaranteed, price promises and enhanced places. Choosing the right bookie to place a bet coudl very well mean the the difference between a winning and losing wager. 

Here are the regular promotions which you should bear in mind when betting:

Price Promise

If your chosen bookie offers a price promise, then pat yourself on the back for picking a good one. With this promotion the bookmaker will increase the odds of a winning bet if another betting site offered a higher price. So if you backed Annie Power at 4/1 but a rival bookie had been offering 5/1, you'll get the bigger odds, even though you didn't bet with them.

Price promises are often limited to certain types of race (eg: UK & Irish racing), specific races/meetings or whether or not they're televised. 

Best Odds Guaranteed (BOG)

Whilst this sounds very similar to the price promise (above) it is, in fact, a completely different offer. Here you take a price at a bookmaker (rather than taking the starting price) and if the official SP ends up being higher than the price you took, you'll get paid out at the higher odds.

This means that when betting with a bookie that offers BOG, you should never take the starting price - always take the odds that are available when you place your bet. That way if the SP is lower, you'll get the odds you took. And if it's higher, you'll get that instead.

Non Runner, No Bet (NRNB)

This next offer is based around the ante-post market rather than the day of race market. Normally if you place an ante-post bet (before the final race declarations have been made) if that horse turns out to not run for whatever reason, it will be considered to have lost. Note: This is not the case for bets placed on teh day of race market, where non-runners are voided.

However, with NRNB ante-post bets that are placed on horses which do not run are effectively voided, giving you your money back. A similar, but less valuable, promotion is Non Runner, Free Bet (NRFB) which offers a free bet if your horse doesn't run. 

NRNB and NRFB tend to only be offered on larger horse racing meetings (eg: Cheltenham Festival) rather than on a day to day basis. But then again ante-post markets aren't usually offered on smaller meetings, making this a moot point.

Free Bets For Winners

Forget money back if you lose, how about free bets if you win? That's a concept that Bet365 came up with donkeys years ago and that other bookies have since followed suit on - place a bet on a horse to win a race, and if it does so with an SP higher than the given threshold, you'll receive a free bet, usually to use on the next race.

These promotions run all the time and generally have a qualifying SP of 3/1 or 4/1. Most betting sites tend to restrict them to races that are televised live on TV, or to bigger meetings, but there are a couple of sites which offer them on selected races every day.

Faller Insurance

Obviously one for the jumps season only, here you'll get your money back (almost always as a free bet or promo cash) if your chosen horse falls at a fence, unseats the rider or is otherwise brought down. Again sometimes restricted to certain races/meetings, but plenty offer it on all UK and Irish horse racing.

Beaten by a Head/Length/Nose

For the flat season we have money back for close calls. Here you'll get a free bet to the value of your stake if your horse is beaten by a pre-selected margin - usually a nose, head or length.

Second Place Money Back

A less common offer, but one that's offered frequently enough to justify mentioning it. We all know the frustration of your horse getting pipped at the post, especially if they spent the rest of the race winning. With Second Place Money Back, you'll get a free bet if your horse comes second.

There are a couple of different ways this promotion is run - either second place to any horse (clearly the prefered choice), second place to the favourite or second place to a horse with a higher SP.  Some bookies even offer more generous offers on big races such as money back if you horse finishes second or third (or even fourth).

 Money Back if You Lose

This is a barmy offer that only one betting site (that we know of) currently runs on a regular basis - Sky Bet. It usually takes place on the first race of a large meeting (think Cheltenham Festival, Ascot etc..) and offers money back if your horses loses... to any other horse. Basically making your first bet on a festival risk free.

Put simply, if you bet on horses regularly, you should definitely get an account with Sky Bet.

Lucky 15/31/63 One Winner Price Booses

Place a Lucky 15, Lucky 31 or Lucky 63 and if you only manage to get one winner you'll receive enhaced odds on that line of the bet. Offered by Betfred, this promotion gives 3x the normal odds for a Lucky 15, 4x the odds for a Lucky 31 and 5x the odds for a Lucky 63.

Full Cover Betting All Correct Bonuses

Feeling lucky? In which case place one of the following full cover bets at Betfred and you'll get a bonus if you win every race: Lucky 15/31/63, Yankee, Canadian, Heinz.

The bonus depends on the bet you've placed with Lucky 15's and Yankee's receiveing a 10% bonus, Lucky 31's and Canadians getting a 20% bonus and Lucky 63 and Heinz bets getting a 25% bonus.


RacecoursesRacecourses in the UK & Ireland (Map)

A guide to all UK & Irish racecourses, including what you need to know when visiting each course, as well as history, race info and the major meetings that take place there.

Horse Racing Betting Guides & Articles

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