Swansea Casinos

As a major city in South Wales, it may be a surprise to many that it only has one casino. Thankfully, however, the casino that they do have is at the very heart of the city centre and offers visitors and residents alike an excellent all-round entertainment experience.

Map of Casinos in Swansea

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Whereas in some cities more and more casinos are opening on the outskirts, the Grosvenor Casino Swansea is right in the middle of the city centre close to the railway station, shops, bars and restaurants. This makes it the perfect destination whether you are looking at a planned trip to the casino or making a quick visit whilst enjoying the other delights that Swansea has to offer.

As you would expect with it being part of the Grosvenor Group, it’s not going to be the most original of casinos thanks to its chain status. But the positive side of this is that the Grosvenor Casino formula is one that works and works well across the UK and beyond. That means when you visit the Grosvenor Casino Swansea you get a gaming floor filled full of your casino favourites including Roulette, Three Card Poker and Blackjack, as well as a wide selection of slots. There’s also a dedicated card room that sees regular cash games of Poker and tournaments with a popular Bad Beat Jackpot that all players are eligible to win.

As with all Grosvenor casinos, a bar and restaurant is also present at the venue. The bar is both stylish and sophisticated and is a great place to enjoy some time away from the tables or as a destination in itself. Thanks to its plethora of screens showing Sky Sports, it’s very popular with local sports fans. The restaurant too is good enough to stand-alone as a destination in itself and visitors can look forward to a wide range of modern delights and traditional favourites on the menu.