Football Jackpots

The concept of a football jackpot has been around for decades - starting with the football pools which made their first appearance founded back in 1923. Times may have changed, but punters clearly still want the chance to win life changing sums of money from a low cost football wager because jackpot bets are still alive and well.

Current options range from a free chance to win £250k every week with Sky, through to the huge (and very hard to win) multi million jackpot from Colossus Bets. Sitting somewhere in the middle is the most popular option, the Coral Football Jackpot, which regularly pays out sums in the 6 figure range, with the occasional million pound payout.

Colossus Bets

For big pay-to-play jackpots, Colossus Bets are your guys. With a headline grabbing £10,000,000 top prize up for grabs, your next bet could make you a millionaire.

Coral Football Jackpot (Not Running)

The original and, in our opinion, still the best of the modern day pools jackpots. Pick 15 results and win your self a share of the prize. Often over £1m. Note: Not currently running.


Footcast, from ComeOn, is another completely free jackpot - you just have to be an active customer to play. You have to predict the match odds result of 10 matches with prizes dished out for getting 8 or more correct results.

Super 6 ScreenshotSuper 6

Super 6 from Sky Bet offers a completely free shot at winning £250k. Just correctly predict the scores of six matches and the jackpot is yours. Plus if nobody wins, then the player who was the closest receives £5k.