Footcast is the football jackpot game from ComeOn, and whilst it’s not the biggest jackpot on offer – that’s the gigantic and aptly named £10m Colossus offered by ColossusBets – it’s still a great prediction game and well worth trying. ComeOn are a relatively new bookie but this fun game is typical of their modern, fresh approach to betting.

The best thing about Footcast is that it’s totally free to play, meaning you can take part just for fun if you want. To be eligible for one of the cash prizes you need to have placed a bet but even so, if you were going to have a bet on the football (or anything else for that matter) anyway, it’s still effectively free to play. That means that as well as landing the Footcast jackpot, you could even land a nice winner or two along the way for double the gambling goodness!

The exact format of each round can change in terms of the number of games and the total prize pool, but as an example you might be predicting the outcome of 10 games in order to win a share of a £5,000 prize plus the chance to go for a further £10,000 jackpot. As said, this isn’t the biggest football prediction game but there is no doubt that £15,000 is a decent pool and given the game is effectively free to enter, it’s a great bonus feature that gives you an extra reason to bet with ComeOn. What’s more, from time to time the jackpot fund will be significantly larger.

How to Play Footcast

Whilst the bigger football jackpot prizes focus on correct scores, in order to win the Footcast you only need to worry about the match results. In general, as said, there will be 10 games to predict and you just opt for a home or away win, or a draw. To make things that bit easier, ComeOn very kindly give you a few “Double Chance” games each week, where you can select two match results for those games. The number of Double Chances varies from week to week but sometimes can be as high as four, giving you a great chance of getting all your predictions right.

Just predict the result or two results you want for each game and then submit your Footcast entry. You can change your predictions at any time before the round begins but then it’s just a case of sitting back and hoping your psychic powers and football knowledge are on form.

Prizes and How to Win

In order to be eligible for a cash prize you must, of course, have a ComeOn account and must have placed a bet of at least £5 in the week prior to the Footcast deadline. The qualifying bet must be on one of the relevant Footcast games at odds of 4/5 (1.8) or higher and must be a pre-match, combo or single bet.

Having made a qualifying bet and submitted your predictions, you will then usually need to get at least eight predictions correct to get yourself in the money. Typically there are three prize pools, with a top prize of £2,500 shared by those getting all 10 matches correct, a second prize of £1,500 for getting nine games right and a third prize of £1,000 for, you guessed it, those players that correctly predict eight results.

Note that Footcast players who get all 10 predictions spot on will also share in both lower prize funds, whilst players getting nine will take their share of the eight-game pool too. The standard jackpot is then worth a further £10k and is open only to those players nailing all 10 predictions. Clearly this is no mean feat, but given that it’s effectively free to play, having a go for fun might just prove lucrative if Lady Luck is smiling on you.

In order to win the extra jackpot you must correctly predict the answer to the special jackpot question which is a multiple choice question asked at the time of submitting your entry. A typical question might be, “How many goals will be scored in the 10 games?” and there will be a range of bands, for example 0-19, 20-25, 26-30, 31-35, or over 36. Should more than one person get the jackpot question correct, having also got all 10 games spot on, the further jackpot will be shared.

Footcast Results

Another feature that we really like about the Footcast prediction game is that you can easily monitor your own results via the “My Footcast” tab. This makes keeping an eye on your chances of success really simple and means you know exactly where you stand as the excitement builds… or indeed evaporates if you realise your picks are somewhat off the mark!

In addition, you can see results for previous weeks, including how many players took part, how many got the top prizes and even how many players got each score, for example how many players got five games right, six games right or even – shame on you – NO GAMES right!

All in all Footcast is a nice, novel football jackpot game and for fans of this type of betting it is undoubtedly a brilliant reason to bet with ComeOn. With some jackpots reaching £25,000 or more and qualification earned by a bet of just £5 (with low minimum odds too, giving you a good chance of winning before you even take the prediction game into account), why not give this exciting new(ish!) bookie a try? Study the form, head to head stats and weather conditions, or just pick your results at random, the choice is yours, but good luck either way!