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Greyhound RacingIt was in 1926 that modern greyhound racing in the United Kingdom was born; the Belle Vue Stadium in Manchester hosted the first ever meet, a year before 50,000 people attended a race day at Wembley Stadium.

The sport became exceedingly popular and much loved across Britain, so much so that a 1966 World Cup match between Uruguay and France was played at White City (QPR’s old ground) because Wembley was hosting a meeting!

There can, though, be no doubt that racing isn’t as popular as it once was. Controversy over the treatment of dogs has been a factor in dwindling attendances in recent years, but a new zeal within the sport for animal welfare and the continued loyalty of seasoned followers means greyhounds is still a big part of the British sporting and betting scene.

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Dog trackDog Tracks in the UK (Map)

Full list of greyhound racing tracks in the UK including a map to help you find your nearest track. Includes race times and days, entry costs, visitor info and history.

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