Horse Racing Betting Sites

Horse RacingNext to football, horse racing is one of the biggest sports in the betting world, with millions bet every day on races around the world. 

In this section we'll be covering a wide range of topics, from the best sites for live streaming races through to secret hand signals used by bookies at race tracks. We also have a map of all racecourses in the UK & Ireland, along with a detailed guide to each course.


RacecoursesRacecourses in the UK & Ireland (Map)

A guide to all UK & Irish racecourses, including what you need to know when visiting each course, as well as history, race info and the major meetings that take place there.

Horse Racing Betting Guides & Articles

Bookies Hand SignalsTic Tac: Bookies Secret Hand Signals

Before smartphones and digital odds boards, track side bookies relayed odds to each other using secret hand signals known as Tic Tac. In our guide we cover the history as well as listing the more common hand signals still used today.

Rule 4Rule 4

When a horse withdraws from a race at the last minute, it understandably affects the chances of other horses winning - rule 4 adjusts the payouts of winning bets to take this into account.

Horse Racing GradesHorse Racing Grades

Not all horse races are equal, with the quality of the entrants and prize money differing dramatically between races. Separating horses by ability, or handicapping, creates a more competitive - and exciting - environment.  

Horse Racing Odds BoardHorse Racing Bets

Picking which horse you want to bet on is only half the battle. You also need to decide what type of bet you're going to place - from the simple 'one the nose' win bet through to large full cover bets and pari-mutuals.

Totepool BettingTotepool Bets

Offering huge jackpot payouts on horse racing for a relatively low wager, Totepool bets are a great option for low stake punters who want a shot at a big payday.

racecard exampleHow to Study Horse Racing Form

The race card contains a treasure trove of information on all horses in a race. So if you want to pick a horse based on performance rather than a clever name, here's what you need to know.