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The articles in this section cover a wide range of topics - everything from betting terminology and bet types through to facts, stats and legislation. Basically speaking, if it covers more than one sport, it ends up here. We also have a number sport-specific guides which live on the relevant sports page: Football, Horse Racing.

Tearing Up ContractPostponed & Abandoned Events

Events get postponed for a wide range of reasons, but what happens to your bet if the big match is rescheduled for next week? Or cancelled after it's started? In this article we'll cover which bets stand and which are made void.

Empty Horse Racing TrackAnte Post Betting

An ante-post bet is one that is placed before a race or tournament starts. Examples include backing a horse the day before a race, or betting on who will win the Premier League. Also known as futures betting.

Tax Free SignDo You Pay Tax On Gambling Winnings?

If you bet regularly or land a significantly big win there may come a time when you start to wonder about the tax implications of betting: is there tax to pay, and do you have to report winnings? The short answer is 'no'.

Stop Gambling SignResponsible Gambling

If you feel like your betting (online or otherwise) is getting out of control, then it may be time to stop. In this guide we cover the warning signs of a gambling addiction, and where you can get help if you think you have a problem.

Related EventsRelated Contingencies

Two or more bets which are intrinsically connected, such as the correct score and match result of a football match, are known as a related contingency. Such bets cannot be combined in a normal accumulator.

Betting Odds BoardBetting Odds Formats

Betting odds can be written in many different ways, including the traditional British fractional odds (2/1), the more modern European decimal odds (2.0) and the fairly confusing American way of doing things (-100).

Dead Heat in Horse RacingDead Heat Rules

When two or more participants finish level in an event where a tie cannot be bet on, then bets are settled according to dead heat rules. Here bets on all winners are paid out, but at a lower rate than if there had only been one winner.

Maximum BetBetting Limits & Maximum Payouts

Most bookmakers have limits on both the size of your wager as well as the maximum payout for a bet. Such limits exist to reduce the bookies risk from being over exposed on a bet, but also sometimes apply to winning punters.

Forecast betting slipForecast and Tricast Betting

If just going for the winner isn't interesting enough for you, then maybe take a look at Forecasts - where you predict the first and second places of a race, tournament or league.

Gold And Silver CupsEach Way & Place Betting

Most people have heard of an each way bet, but many are confused at how it works. What does it mean to place, and when should you use each way bets? For the answers to these, and more, read on.

Null And VoidVoid Bets

Void bets do happen from time to time, and normally just take you back to where you were before you made the bet. But there are some things to consider, particularly when it comes to free bets, offers and acca insurance.

Tote Meeting Pool FundPari-Mutuel Betting

The pools, totepool and football jackpots are all examples of Pari-Mutuel bets, where winnings are paid based on a share of the pot rather than fixed odds. In this article we cover the who, the what and the where of pool based betting.

Downward Red Arrow on GraphBetting Systems

Betting systems generally speaking don't work long term, but that doesn't stop an army of punters trying their luck with them each week. In this guide we cover the principles behind various systems and the maths behind why they fail.

Sport Specific Articles

In addition to the articles listed above, we also have guides that are specific to a particular sport - covering bet types, special markets, rules and many more. We've separated these lists from our general articles to keep things neat and tidy, and to make it easier to find what you're looking for.


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