Super 6

Super 6 ScreenshotThere are a number of other football jackpots and prediction games offered by various bookies but Sky Bet’s Super 6 is arguably the best of the lot. That might sound a little strange, when the standard jackpot is a “mere” £250,000 (that would do very nicely for us to be honest!) but when Colossus offers a genuinely colossal £10m bonanza, it’s clear that Super 6 can’t compete when it comes to the magnitude of the jackpot alone.

However, where Super 6 trumps almost all other prediction games offered by the various bookmakers is the low entry fee. Did we say “low”? Did we say “fee”? Oh, sorry, there is actually NO fee, and it doesn’t get any lower than that! Yes, Super 6, despite potentially giving away £250k every week, is TOTALLY FREE to play!

All you need to play is an account with Sky Betting and Gaming, the parent company of the various Sky gambling sites, including Sky Bet (sports betting) and Sky Vegas (casino games). Naturally, these are totally free to open and whilst they offer great sign up bonuses/free bets, in order to play Super 6 you don’t actually need to have ever placed a bet of any kind, you just need to have an account. You can even simply register for Super 6 itself at the main Super 6 site and this account will also give you access to Sky Sports Fantasy Football too!

How to Play Super 6

Super 6 Entry ScreenshotAs said, Super 6 is a football prediction game and it might not come as the biggest surprise to hear that you have to make predictions in six matches. Each week of the football season Sky will select six games and you simply need to predict what you think the score will be in each of those games. The six fixtures are usually from the Premier League and invariably on a Saturday, looking at other leagues or competitions mainly when there aren’t Premier League matches available.

You have until the time first of the six chosen games kicks off to make your selections and up until that point you can change any previously made picks. You also make a “Golden Goal Prediction”, which is the minute you think the first goal will be scored (which can be in any of the six featured games). Once you are happy with your six correct score predictions, sit back, relax and enjoy the football, crossing your fingers that your psychic powers and footballing expertise are in full working order.

How do I Win the Super 6 £250,000 Jackpot?

In order to win the £250k, or claim a share of it in the highly unlikely event of more than one player winning, you need to get all six scores exactly right. Sounds easy right? Free to enter, just six matches, £250,000 in the bank, job done! Of course, it’s actually extremely difficult to land one correct score, let alone six but your chances are far greater than you’ll get with the lottery, that’s for sure, and, moreover, Super 6 is totally, 100% free so there is no risk involved.

Super 6 has paid out the £250k jackpot several times and has even had ad hoc jackpots worth double that, or even more. You’ve got to be in it to win it and given it’s free and takes about 30 seconds to make your predictions, why WOULDN’T you play?

Are There any Other Prizes?

There certainly are! £250k is a massive amount in a free-to-enter competition but admittedly, nailing all six scores is tricky. However, Sky’s generosity means that if nobody wins on a given week, whoever gets the highest score will take home a handy £5,000. Not life-changing, but certainly enough to have one hell of a party on a Saturday night!

The weekly £5k winner is calculated thus:

  • Correct Result - get the result right and earn two points
  • Correct Score - nail it spot on and get five points
  • Max points - five points is the maximum you earn per game
  • Golden Goal - Golden Goal decides the winner in the event of a tie for the £5k prize (but not the £250,000 jackpot which is shared if two or more get six results spot on)

As well as the Weekly Prize, there is a ‘Get 5 Bonus’ available awarded to the weekly winner if they get five correct scores. The bonus starts at £1,000 but can be higher (see the Sky Super 6 site for latest prizes). Sky also show a Monthly League and a Season League, so you can see how you are doing compared to friends and anyone else. You can even start a league among friends and check your performance against Sky’s various pundits, including, of course, Jeff Stelling, Jamie Redknapp and Paul Merson.

What if a Super 6 Game is Postponed?

You can read a lot more about postponed games in our special article on postponements and abandonments, but when it comes to Super 6 there are specific rules for the game. Any of the matches that don’t complete the full 90 minutes are voided for Super 6 purposes. If only five games are played the main jackpot is reduced to £20,000, four matches means £5,000 whilst if just three or fewer games are completed there is no jackpot. The £5,000 weekly prize will, however, be available as long as at least one game is played to the end.