Boxing Bets

Boxing RingBetting on boxing is a great way to add interest to fights in general, but particularly so to those that look less enticing as contests, perhaps those on the undercard or those that are very one-sided. They also offer a fine opportunity to try and cash in if you think you have a bit of inside knowledge. Overall, of course, betting on boxing is just a great way to add a little extra enjoyment to a fight, whilst it can also be a good incentive to stay awake for those late, late starts for fights in Las Vegas or elsewhere in the US.

As sports betting has become more and more popular, the range of betting opportunities has grown a lot. Online betting sites now offer a huge number of boxing matches on which to bet, covering the biggest fights in New York and Vegas, as well as bouts on the undercard of less glamorous destinations in the UK, Europe, the US … anywhere in fact.

As well as covering more bouts than ever before, the best boxing bookies also offer a wider range of markets than they once did. Whilst a low key fight between two young boxers may only include the simple match odds, that is to say, which fighter will win, the biggest fights will have a huge range of different bets on offer.

Here we take a look at the different options available to you if you want to bet on boxing. This list doesn’t cover every possible boxing market, with bookies regularly creating new options but it certainly covers all of the most popular boxing markets.


By far the most popular bet in boxing, the winner market, which may also be described as “match odds”, “outright”, “to win fight” or similar, is a straight bet on which boxer will win the fight.

This market offers three options which cover every eventuality when it comes to the outcome of a fight. You either back Boxer A, Boxer B, or a draw. Backing either fighter covers a win for them by any means, including disqualification.

The odds on this market can vary greatly, although the one constant is that the draw is always priced at long odds, reflecting the fact they rarely occur in the sport of boxing. The draw is usually priced between around 20/1 and 50/1, whilst the odds on an individual boxer can be anything from 1/100 (or even shorter) up to 33/1 or more.

If the boxers are very well matched the odds might be something like 10/11 and 6/5 with the draw at around 20/1 but no matter what the odds, this is the simplest and most popular boxing bet you can make.

Method of Victory

In the winner odds you are simply betting on who will win, whereas with method of victory betting you are being a little more specific. Some betting sites offer “KO, TKO or disqualification” without naming the fighter but most require you to name the fighter and the method (except in the case of “draw or technical draw”, which obviously includes both!).

As such, your options in such a market might be Boxer A by knockout, technical knockout or disqualification, Boxer B by any of those same methods or Boxer A (or B) by decision or technical decision, or lastly the draw/technical draw bet.

This market is useful in a number of ways but essentially it gives you a way to raise the odds on the person you want to back in the winner betting. Whilst a fighter might be very short in the outright betting, the odds on a knockout win (especially for a lighter fighter with less power) might be considerably higher.

Round Betting

If you want higher odds still, round betting is an even more specific option that gives you a considerably higher return for naming both the fighter to win and the round in which they will do so.

Obviously calling the exact round is no mean feat and even a big favourite with a high chance of scoring a very early win will still offer odds of around 11/4 for the first couple of rounds, those odds getting higher for a win in the middle and later rounds.

In such a scenario a win for the underdog will, naturally, offer even higher returns in the round betting markets, with the later rounds often offering the highest return. This is because, especially higher up the weights, a shock early knockdown is always a possibility, whilst the lesser fighter is deemed to have less chance the longer the fight goes on.

Groups of Rounds

Some bookies also offer rounds as groupings, so rather than naming a specific round, such as the first, you can opt for rounds 1-3, 4-6 or whatever. Obviously this is much easier to predict and the odds reflect this.

Total Rounds

Total rounds is the first boxing bet we will consider that doesn’t centre on predicting who will win the fight. With this bet, it is not about who wins and/or how they do so, but simply it is a bet on how long the fight will last.

The wager takes the form of a bet on over or under a given number of rounds, with almost all bookmakers offering odds based on half rounds, starting from over/under 1.5 rounds covering 2.5, 3.5 and so on up to 10.5, although some also offer odds for 0.5 and 11.5.

Given a standard three minute round, the half rounds apply to one minute and 30 seconds of each round, such that if the fight ends in the 91st second of the second round, bets on over 1.5 rounds are deemed to be a winner.

For whole-round bets and certain other markets that depend on rounds, if a fighter retires before a round has started; doesn’t answer the bell; or, for whatever reason, is disqualified in between two rounds, the contest is classed as having ended in the previous round.

Groups of Rounds

Rounds can also be grouped with this bet, so that instead of betting on the fight lasting over or under a set amount of rounds, you predict it will end within a group of rounds, regardless of who wins.

For example this market includes options for the fight to end in rounds 1-6, 1-3 (and sometimes 1-2), as well as other options such as 4-6, 5-6, 7-9, 7-12 and essentially any combination, more or less, of consecutive rounds.

Other Boxing Bets

Those detailed above are by far the most common bets made on boxing, with the vast majority of punters sticking to those markets. However, as said, there are more and more options for those betting on boxing and those include:

To be Knocked Down and Win

This is a bet on a fighter to get up off the canvas from a legitimate knockdown and go on to win the fight.

To be Knocked Down

To be knocked down is a wager on a named fighter to be knocked down at any point during the contest.

Both Fighters to be Knocked Down

Hopefully self-explanatory, this is a wager that both fighters will hit the canvas at some stage of the bout.

Fight to Go the Distance

This is a simple yes or no bet on whether the contest will go the full distance.


Different bookmakers may offer different specials, either within the context of a fight or over a longer period. Examples may be for a certain fighter to unify a division or claim a world title by the end of the year or for the fighter to win by unanimous or split decision, or for them to win in the opening or final minute of the fight.