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You might think from the stadium’s name that it is located in the Essex town of Harlow and, if that’s the case, then you’d be right. An area known as the Pinnacles was chosen for the building, not far from the town’s football stadium. Built in 1995 and opening in March of that year, the stadium has plenty of bars, banqueting facilities and conference areas.

Harlow promise you a cracking night out filled with fun and laughter. Obviously a lot of that depends on how miserable or excitable you are as a person. You’ll get to see up to fourteen races every night you go and it’s a value for money experience that you won’t want to miss if you’re a fan of the dogs.


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Race Days & Times

The stadium is open for evening races three nights a week. You’ll be able to go on Tuesdays, Fridays and Saturdays and the doors open at 6pm. You’ll have to wait half an hour for the bars to open, which is weird, but the first race starts at 7.30pm so you’ll have a chance to have a few drinks before then, should that be something that interests you.

Unlike a lot of greyhound tracks, Harlow don’t have afternoon races. Some tracks do these and allow the public in to watch them; others have them purely for television coverage and don’t advertise them or let people in to watch them. You won’t find any of that here though, so bad luck if you’re a daytime dog watcher.


  • Ticket Prices: Adults are asked to pay £7 unless they’ve bought themselves a package with food included. If you head there on a Tuesday then you’ll find it’s only £6. It’s £3.50 normally for senior citizens and kids from the ages of 5 to 17 are charged £2.
  • Getting There: The stadium isn’t far from the centre of Harlow so if you can get yourself there then you’re well on your way. Harlow Town Train Station is about 5-minutes drive away or 30-minutes walk. The nearest bus stop is about 5-minutes from the stadium and bus numbers 380, 381 and 382 all stop there.
  • Parking There’s a car park on site and more parking spaces at the football stadium just around the corner.


Given that the stadium was built in 1995, there isn’t a whole heap of history to detail. The land that it was built on was bought by Toni Nicholls from receivers when the town saw a new football stadium built in 1993. Stan Gudgin, a former trainer, was the first Racing Manager until he was replaced by Mark Schellenberg upon his retirement.

Nicholls continued to own the track until 2005 when his company, Leaside Leisure Ltd, reached an agreement to sell it to Barclay Entertainment. The new owner was Dave Barclay and he was in turn a joint owner of a building contracting business that was based in Essex. He has maintained his interest in the stadium in-spite of some offers from developers, hoping to do something else with the land.

Barclay will feel that he’s made the right decision, as he’s been able to turn the track into a relative success. When Walthamstow Stadium closed down in 2008 Chris Page arrived at Harlow Stadium as their new General Manager. He bought five different trainers with him, namely John Coleman, Mark Wallis, Mick Puzey, Graham Sharp and Kelly Mullins. In 2009, Wallis won the English Greyhound Derby with a dog named Kinda Ready.

Two years after that Sky Sports showed their first ever televised meeting from Harlow, a real boon for Barclay and the stadium. Two years after that and he negotiated the arrival of Greyhound Sales to the track. Some excellent records have been set at the stadium over the years, including Bozy Blue Blaze running 592mH in an impressive 38.30 seconds. Also, Killishin Masai ran the course’s longest distance of 946m in 62.11 seconds.

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