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Those of you that have read our coverage of other dog racing stadiums might notice there’s a word missing from the title of this page: ‘Greyhound’. That’s because Mildenhall isn’t restricted merely to dog racing and is also the Bury Saint Edmunds home of stockcar and banger racing, as well as a speedway team.

Opened in 1971, the stadiums boasts the originally named Race View Restaurant, as well as a fish and chip shop – should a sit down meal not be your thing. There are two licensed bars, including one underneath the grandstand by the home straight. In short, even if you don’t like any of the sports covered here you’re still in for a treat when you visit.


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Race Days & Times

As this section specialises in detailing greyhound racing venues, that's exactly what we'll cover here, so if you’d like to know the timings for the stockcar, banger or speedway races then it's best to look on the official Mildenhall Stadium website. In terms of greyhound racing, Mildenhall hosts greyhound races twice a week, every week. You’ll be able to watch the dogs every Tuesday and Friday.

When it comes to timing it’s pretty simple. The races begin at 7.30pm and tend to wrap up at about 10pm. Every now and then there’ll also be racing on a Sunday. This is an afternoon affair and the races begin at 1.30pm, finishing by around 4.20pm.


  • Ticket Prices: The pricing scheme is nice and easy to understand. Adults pay £6 to get in, senior citizens will be charged £5 and anyone under sixteen can get in for free. The entry cost for adults and seniors includes a Race Card for the events too.
  • Getting There: Mildenhall Stadium is about a 30-minute drive from the centre of Bury Saint Edmunds. It’s not far from the roundabout where the A11 meets the A1101 if you're coming by car. The nearest train station is probably Shippea Hill, however, that’s nearly 2-hours away on foot.
  • Parking: There are two large car parks at the stadium itself, so you don’t need to worry about where you’ll be leaving your car.


The area of Suffolk where you’ll find Mildenhall is particularly well-known for coursing, though that has been severely limited since the introduction of the Hunting Act of 2004. The area is mostly surrounded by agricultural land and there’s nothing of much significance nearby with the exception of RAF Mildenhall. The Royal Air Force base opened in 1934, so it’s quite surprising that a racing track or other sort of entertainment didn’t open nearby until 1971.

That was the year that a practice track for speedway was opened on land that a man named Terry Waters owned. It shifted position in 1973, moving to the South side of the farm area. The facilities weren’t exactly the most fancy things in the world, however, with just two sheds used as dressing rooms and bails of hay acting as a safety fence. Four years after the track opened the Mildenhall Fen Tigers were formed and entered the National speedway league.

Things carried on in much the same way until the speedway team ceased to operate in 1989. The following year a man named Dick Partridge approached Waters regarding the possibility of bringing the speedway back and introducing greyhound racing. A lease was agreed and Partridge decided to upgrade the facilities, bringing in concrete terracing and installing lights for the tracks. An Outside Sumner hare was put in and 74 kennels were also built.

The newly developed track applied for a license from the National Greyhound Racing Club and were granted one, with the first meeting taking place in September of 1991. Linda Jones, one of the sport’s best trainers, visited the track regularly whilst setting up the Imperial Kennels, a sign of how well it had come along. Dean Wood, from Spedeworth Motorsports, bought the stadium in 2016 and will be hoping it continues to grow in strength and success.

As a final note, the stadium was the victim of a crazy legal decision in 2014. Eight years earlier a couple had bought a house that was close the stadium. Despite the fact that speedway had been going on there since 1975 they decided that they didn’t like the noise and made a complaint. Eventually the argument went to court and the couple won their battle.

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