Sport Nation Review

Sport Nation ScreenshotOne of the fastest growing bookmakers over the last year or so has been that of Sport Nation – formerly known as Bet On Brazil. The company have taken the industry by storm and whilst there is still some way to go before they can really challenge some of the more established brands in the industry, they have been making all the right noises in what looks to be an exciting time for the company.

Founded by the legendary Scottish International and now football pundit, Alan Brazil, the company has only just undergone a rebranding from Bet On Brazil to what it now referred to as Sport Nation. How the company will move forward with this rebrand is anyone's guess but here's what we know so far.

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Odds & Markets

As Sport Nation isn’t actually on any of the major price comparison sites, it’s been tough to compare their prices against the competition. So, we have had to resort to the old fashioned way of checking them off individually. What we have found is that Sport Nation are more than competitive for the majority of markets that we tested. They weren’t always best priced, but at no point did we ever find a particularly huge discrepancy with their price and the best price, which is always good.

The market coverage is an area that seems to be improving as well. They do rely heavily on their horse racing and football betting markets, but then this isn’t something that’s uncommon for Euro facing bookies. Whilst other sports don’t get the love that the big two get, we feel that they offer good support and wouldn’t be surprised to see these markets increase in size again as the bookmaker continues to grow.


Sport Nation Features Screenshot

In all honesty, the site doesn’t include an awful lot of features throughout. We wont go as far as saying that it’s no frills, but if you are looking for bells and whistles from your bookmaker, then there may be better options for you.

We actually liked the fact that Sport Nation was more about getting in, finding your bet and placing your bet, rather than being detracted by other features, which if we are being honest, can become tiresome.

The first thing that really struck is the design of the site and we though it looked really modern and yet simplistic, allowing you to jump between sports and markets with relative ease. Even when you jumped into a league or competition that you wanted to bet on it would instantly pull up the most popular 3 betting markets and list them, so you can see exactly what price is being offered up for that bet.

The only downside that we could find is that it really did lack a statistics section. We know that there are countless other websites where you can get this information, but having the ability to just click a button next to the game or market that you want to be ton and for it to then to pull up some data on that match, is really appealing.

About Sport Nation

One of the most exciting developments in the last couple of years has been the emergence of fresh blood in the sports betting industry, with brands like Sport Nation really making a name for themselves. Given that they have only been about since 2016 – originally known as Bet On Brazil – the company have been able to gain quite a bit of ground on a lot of more established brands and we are pretty confident that they will be a strong force in years to come.

The brand was originally fronted by that of Alan Brazil under its previous name. Whilst the link between Brazil and online betting may seem a little odd, the trend of companies getting former players and sports personalities on board isn’t all that uncommon, with Real Deal Bet, for example, using the face of Evander Holyfield, to promote their product. Sport Nation are a part of the Argyll Entertainment group and are based out of Switzerland.

Contact & License Info

  • Live Chat: Available via website
  • Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
  • Address: Argyll Entertainment AG trading as Argyll Entertainment of Bahnhofstrasse 10, Zug, 6300
  • License: UK Gambling Commission