Titanbet Review

Titanbet ScreenshotTitanbet have been about since 2009, although it’s probably fair to say that the ‘Titan’ brand is better known for their foray into online casino and online poker. But, like all companies who excel at one part of the industry, the natural progression is to expand into other sectors, which is exactly what Titan have done.

The sportsbook isn’t as established as some of their rivals and they don’t have the global appeal that some of the bigger books have, but Titanbet are an emerging brand in the sports betting industry. The success that the company have already had in other sectors means that they should be an exciting watch to see where they will go with their sports betting division over the next decade or so. This review will highlight where they are today in terms of quality and the potential the site already holds.

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Odds & Markets

The pricing at Titanbet has been the main reason why the company has seen so much success over the last few years. At one time, the marketplace was pretty much sewn up by the larger brands, but these days punters are much more willing to shop around and Titanbet are one of the companies that have flourished as a result.

We aren’t going to sit here and say that they are best priced on every market they offer, because they’re not, but they are now more than competitive and we can see why people have migrated across to the bookmaker. If we had one gripe it would be that there are some inconsistencies in the odds offered for football (which are excellent) and the odds for other sports (which are fairly average). But, for the majority of punters, the odds on offer will be more than appealing!

Market coverage has seen a great improvement over the last couple of years as well and whilst football is the main source of betting – over 50,000 markets at the time of writing – other sports such as tennis, horse racing, American football and ice hockey all do really well.

One thing that we did notice is that Titanbet seems to have a massive Virtuals section. We realise that this wont be everyone’s cup of tea, but there are few bookmakers that we have seen that offer as many different markets for this bet type and the coverage has to be commended.


Titanbet Features Screenshot


Titanbet offer up a really strong tips section that includes some of the best tips for that days betting. The guide is written to highlight the event, the tip, the odds, an explanation and the ability to place the bet, making it highly convenient. We think that this would be a great section for a beginner in sports betting to really sink their teeth into and the added section about ‘Tips for the occasional’ bettor at the bottom has some strong nuggets of info. This all ties in nicely with the Titanbet Magazine that has articles from the world of sport, but also has a betting twang to them as well as being informative.

Odds On Coupon

The Odds On Coupon can be accessed from the top of the page and this highlights all upcoming bets that have an odds on result. For people who are looking to place accumulator bets or are maybe looking to bet larger sums on lower odds, then this is a great feature. You can easily skim all the games that are up-coming and can even sort between sports that you are looking to bet on.

Mobile Betting

Finally, we just wanted to highlight their brilliant mobile betting app as our last feature. The app includes all sports and betting markets that you find from their online site and the updated design for 2016 has meant that it’s now actually usable, unlike their previous renditions!

Who Are Titanbet?

Titanbet have been about since 2009 in their current form, but the ‘Titan’ brand has been around much longer, with their roots lying in that of casino and online poker, as mentioned earlier.

The sports betting division has been at the backbone of the re-brand for the company and they now operate all services under this trading name. The company is operated by PT Entertainment Services Limited and are based out of the Philippines.

Contact & License Info

  • Live Chat: Available via website
  • Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
  • Telephone: 0800 327 7261
  • Address: Titanbet.co.uk, PO Box 2488, Makati Central Post Office 1264, Makati City, Philippines
  • License: UK Gambling Commission (39123)