Bolton Casinos

In areas where there are several large towns and cities it can sometimes be tough for a particular place to support a casino. Bolton is within half an hour of Manchester, Salford, Wigan, Bury and Preston and it's not much further to Blackpool and Liverpool. Bolton, however, manages to support not just one, but two casinos, both of which are very popular.

Map of Casinos in Bolton

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The two casinos in question are operated by Grosvenor and Genting – the two largest chains in the UK. The two venues are situated in the town centre of Bolton but if you’re planning to visit a casino as part of a wider night out then the Genting Casino Bolton may be the better choice, as it is the more central of the two casinos. Both casinos offer a stylish and sophisticated experience but one that is open to both experienced and beginner gamers alike and all visitors will find a warm and friendly welcome.

Roulette and Blackjack are on offer at both the Grosvenor Casino Bolton and the Genting Casino Bolton but those who enjoy Three Card Poker will only be able to enjoy this particular game at the Genting Casino. Both casinos do, however, offer a good range of slots.

What is interesting about the two casinos is their biggest difference. Whereas the Grosvenor Casino Bolton has a dedicated card room that hosts regular Poker tournaments and cash games, the Genting Casino Bolton offers something a little different. Here you won’t find Poker but you will find Rummy played on both Mondays and Wednesdays. This makes a refreshing change and something a little bit different for visitors and residents of Bolton.

With both casinos offering excellent hospitality options too, wherever you choose to go to in Bolton you’ll have a fantastic time at one of the town’s two great casinos.