Huddersfield Casinos

Huddersfield may have only one casino, but locals and visitors who love to play casino games and poker love it because Huddersfield has had a somewhat turbulent history with casinos in the past. Casino Red opened in the city in 2008 in a blaze of publicity at its Northumberland Street address. Employing over 100 people, it was a popular addition to the town but one that would not last, as it shut its doors just a mere five weeks later. A subsequent reopening of it in 2010 was also ultimately unsuccessful with the casino once again shutting its doors just two years later in 2012.

Map of Casinos in Huddersfield

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Thankfully, the more recently opened Grosvenor Casino in Huddersfield has been going from strength to strength. Whilst you won’t find a great deal of individuality in Grosvenor casinos, what they do have is a consistent formula that works and it works a treat in Huddersfield. Visitors to the Grosvenor Casino Huddersfield can enjoy numerous Three Card Poker, Roulette and Blackjack Tables, as well as a vibrant Poker schedule that sees cash games and tournaments being played on a nightly basis.

To complement the games on offer at the Grosvenor Casino Huddersfield, the casino has an excellent restaurant and bar. Whilst in nearby cities, such as Manchester and Leeds, casino restaurant food may be overshadowed by some of their big name restaurants, this is not the case in Huddersfield and the restaurant serves delicious food to a large number of visitors to the casino every week.