Stockport Casinos

Thanks to its location on the outskirts of Manchester and its great transport links, Stockport is a popular town amongst commuters thanks to its vibrant nightlife. There are two casinos in the town nestled amongst the town centre shops, bars and restaurants and being just a few minutes walk apart, it is easy to visit both in one night should you wish to compare the two.

Map of Casinos in Stockport

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Stockport’s two casinos are the Grosvenor Casino on Wellington Street and Casino 36 on corner of St Petersgate and High Bank Side, just a little further to the edge of the town centre. At both casinos, you can enjoy the usual casino games, such as Blackjack, Three Card Poker and Roulette, as well as a range of slots and Poker tournaments and cash games. They both also have a bar and restaurant serving an array of meals and snacks.

Whilst both of these casinos may be members of chains, this is where the similarities end. Whilst the Grosvenor casino is exactly as you would expect of many Grosvenor casinos in the UK (purpose built venue, knowledgeable staff, standard Grosvenor menu and usual rewards scheme), Casino 36 is part of a much smaller chain and becomes evident when you walk through its doors. Housed in what looks like a nondescript former town centre pub, whilst the outside maybe somewhat gloomy, Casino 36 offers some interesting alternatives for visitors, namely regular games of both Mahjong and Rummy. This makes it an interesting alternative to the Grosvenor for people who want to try something a little bit different.

With the competition from numerous casinos in nearby Manchester, it’s a testament to just how good both the Grosvenor Casino Stockport and Casino 36 are, as they continue to be popular and thrive with visitors.