Aberdeen Casinos

You may not think that the windswept North East coast of Scotland would be a fantastic place to visit if you love gambling. But thanks to its position as Europe’s oil capital with one of the highest proportions of millionaires anywhere in the UK and virtually full employment, Aberdeen is a small but wealthy city and that means casino gaming flourishes in the town.

Map of Casinos in Aberdeen

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The city is served by three quality casino establishments, all based in and around the city centre with less than a kilometre between all of them. The Grosvenor Casino is the most well known name in the city and you get exactly what you expect at any Grosvenor casino in the UK. A good range of games, friendly and knowledgeable staff, and a bar and restaurant, serving a good selection of tasty dishes and drinks.

Like the Grosvenor Casino in Aberdeen, the Rainbow Casino is part of a chain, which means you’re guaranteed a particular standard of service. It may not be the best looking casino from outside, but inside it’s smart and functional and visitors can enjoy a range of games, slots and poker, as well as an excellent bar and restaurant.

The jewel in Aberdeen’s casino crown though is the Soul Casino, which is an independent casino. Unlike big casino chains, such as the Grosvenor, that offer a very uniform albeit excellent casino experience, the Soul casino is truly unique. Housed in a stunning church conversion that has retained most of its original features, such as striking high ceilings and beautiful stained glass windows, it is an amazing place to enjoy casino games, poker and slots, as well as its popular bar and restaurant.