Luton Casinos

Like many other towns and cities in the UK, Luton has two casinos – one from each of the two biggest casino chains in the country: Genting and Grosvenor. Whilst this can often result in two very similar casinos competing with each other, thanks to their locations, they each cater to a slightly different clientele.

Map of Casinos in Luton

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The Grosvenor Casino Luton is perhaps what you could describe as your typical UK casino. Based in the city centre, it appeals to those traditional casino goers, many of whom may see the casino as somewhere to go following a few drinks in the bars or Luton or a meal at one of its many restaurants. Offering a good selection of casino games, such as Roulette, Blackjack, Three Card Poker and Dice, it also has a huge card room that can seat up to 240 players. This means that there are lots of cash games and tournaments running on a daily basis. As well as gaming, visitors can also enjoy a few dinks and a meal at the casino’s popular bar and restaurant.

The Genting Casino in Luton is based outside of the city centre near a Tesco Superstore and retail park with various businesses and eateries. This is a purpose-built venue with more and more popping up on the edges of towns and cities across the country. Aiming not just at experienced gamers but beginners too, the casino offers a feature rich gaming and entertainment experience for all visitors. Like the Grosvenor, you’ll find all of the popular casino table games and a Poker room offering various cash games and tournaments, as well as a restaurant and bar. Where it differs though is in its location. This casino is the perfect destination for those people who don’t want that town centre experience and the associated traffic that this brings. Easy to get to and easy to park, if you’re not bothered about experiencing other bars and restaurants as part of a night out, the Genting is a great choice.